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...AND THERE WAS A TIME WHEN JOHNNY wouldn’t call an album ‘an album’ unless it boasted at least twelve tracks. But times have changed — and so has Johnny. While most major label artists still release full-length albums, music lovers choose to download singles at far-and-away higher numbers. The good news for Johnny is that a four-track EP is a viable compromise. 


Enter: Logic Reason Magic Treason. It will be a collection of four JOHN THE RED songs charged with emotional electricity and foot-stomping, multi-synchronous backbeats and multi-layered, interwoven vocal patterns. But, just in case you’re curious, I’ll answer the age-old question often put to music artists: “Who do you sound like?” by sharing with a write-up my friend, Greyson, sent in to a Tel Aviv music magazine introducing them to my music.



“John the Red  is an enigma. His music is best taken-in whilst flying in a Blue Dream at 4:20. To be honest, this is the good stuff and may require some grow-time which means the EP may not be for the one-hit-wonder consumer or casual listener. If you just can’t listen to music without performing some sort of A&R research, here’s the high-concept pitch: ‘Trent Reznor (N.I.N.) kidnaps Peter Gabriel and forces him at gunpoint onto a Led Zeppelin tour bus driven by (Pink Floyd's) David Gilmour.”

My (John the Red’s) debut album is nearly finished and plans are underway to have it mastered near the end of this summer. The playlist to the left (or just below if you're visiting on a mobile device) plays host to ten of the contenders for the final four. As it sits, only three of the four tracks have been selected, leaving one outlier yet to be determined. But that’s not stopping you from taking these tunes for a spin. Most of these tracks are at least 75% completed — but none of them are finished to the point of mixing or mastering. So, if you’re not an audio engineer or a producer and you can look past any sonic events, take a few minutes to enjoy the music!