This page plays host to the music I’ve written and recorded over the course of the last 25 years. Much of it is in various states of completion but just below, you’ll find a few pre-mastered samples of the tracks from my upcoming album, Logic, Reason. Magic, Treason. Below that is a smattering of motifs, stems and music sketches for projects in the future. Don’t forget to download the free theme track for The Book of JJ while you’re test-driving music!



Due for release in Q3 2020, Logic, Reason, Magic, Treason is a new style of music for me (John the Red). As a drummer, I grew up playing speed metal, then Jazz, then funk. But this upcoming album freely and deeply explores EDM, Pop and Ambient styles with dark, contemplative lyrics. The tracks listed in the music player represent various cuts for the album in different states of completion. Music Base means vocals have not been recorded yet. Vocal Comp means rough vocal tracks. All music is pre-mastered for volume. 



BELOW, YOU'LL FIND A FEW MUSICAL EXPLORATIONS currently in the works. Only the Broken is a track from my upcoming album (Logic, Reason, Magic, Treason). I’ve got some lyrics to tweak in the bridge but the overwhelming balance of remaining tasks include stacking seven-part backing vocals and cinematic transitions that need to be added. In fact, the entire album is semi-stalled because of my fear of diving in and finishing this track.  The Next Big Thing is interesting in that the guitar you’re hearing half-way through is actually a midi keyboard triggering some beefy solo guitar sounds played in real-time. The Becoming is the music base for the chorus of a track that will appear on an album in 2022 (stay tuned!). Into the Everafter is the opening instrumental track to the album of the same name. Finally, We Are Alive was written after my mother passed away after a three-year battle with Lewy Body Dementia. The lyrics are nearly finished.